A Free Hardware


  • VentBR is an free Hardware Project. Anyone can download the schematics and start building using your 3D Printer. All the documentation and information needed to build VentBR is free.
  • Objective

    • Our mission is to develop a simplified ventilation device that is built with the help of a 3D printer and a few components so that it can be easily reproduced and assembled by volunteers all over the world. You can use PLA or PETG Filament for most parts and use Flex Filament (TPU, TPE or TPC) for the Bag Valve .
    • The overall goal is to develop & design a simplified, low-cost and open-source emergency-use ventilator, producible at scale.


  • We are making available for download the version 0.9 beta with all the mechanical parts for 3d printing. The electrical schematics will be available soon.
  • (Last update: 2020-05-25)